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Mallory O’Meara is a writer of non-fiction in the United States as well as a podcaster. O’Meara is the author of the book The Lady from the Black Lagoon (2019), which is both a biography of the make-up artist Milicent Patrick and a chronicle of O’Meara’s search for information about Patrick. The book was published in 2019. The book provides evidence that Patrick designed the iconic Gill-man from Creature from the Black Lagoon, and that Bud Westmore, a member of the influential Westmore family of Hollywood make-up artists, worked to deny her credit for this achievement. The evidence is included in the book.  The publication was shortlisted for the Hugo Award and the Locus Award, and it ended up taking home the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Book of the Year in 2019.

Girly Drinks, the second book written by O’Meara, was published in 2021 by Hanover Square Press. The subject matter of the book is the history of women making and drinking alcohol throughout the world. Girly Drinks was awarded a prize from the James Beard Foundation in 2022. The third book written by O’Meara, titled Girls Make Movies: A Follow-Your-Own-Path Guide for Aspiring Young Filmmakers is scheduled to be published by Running Press on May 23, 2023. Jen Vaughn, who is also a comic book creator, did the illustrations for Girls Make Movies. Alongside filmmaker Brea Grant, O’Meara has been the co-host of the weekly podcast Reading Glasses since it debuted in 2017. The podcast focuses on reading and books. Maximum Fun is the name of the network that includes Reading Glasses.

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O’Meara also worked for Dark Dunes Productions in Los Angeles as a writer and producer from 2013 until 2019; his tenure there lasted seven years. I, too, was filled with dismay. Every single book I brought into the house was written by a male author and focused on male subjects. If there was any discussion of women’s history at all, it was typically limited to a few sentences here and there, or perhaps a single paragraph if I was lucky. I was concerned that perhaps I had made a mistake in this regard, so I sent a text to my closest friend and asked for some suggestions on good books to read. It’s possible that I wasn’t purchasing the right ones! She informed me that I would not be able to purchase the appropriate books because the history that I was looking for did not exist.

Nobody had ever written a history of women’s relationship with alcohol before. I had so many questions. My curiosity went much further than simply wanting to learn what kinds of beverages women have consumed throughout history and how they have been involved in the production of alcoholic beverages. When I thought about what I already knew about women and drinking, I recalled the preconceived notions and cultural messages that I had internalized throughout my life. Because gender roles are embedded in so many aspects of society, I can honestly say that I had never given much thought to how gendered our drinking culture is. The categories “OK for men” and “OK for women” are applied to everything from the types of bars to the ways in which people drink to the drinks themselves. I was interested in getting to the bottom of that and discovering whether or not drinking had always been conducted in this manner.

Were there typically girly drinks available? Who made the decision that drinking was a male- or female-oriented activity? When did particular types of alcohol first start to be considered “respectable”? Where on earth did something like this take place? What led to this occurrence? What led to this occurrence? Drinking is a practice that dates back many thousands and thousands of years in human history. When did we start labeling certain kinds of alcoholic beverages as “girly” drinks and tying pink ruffled ribbons around them to make the distinction? And why exactly is it a bad thing to label a beverage as having a feminine vibe in the first place? Making a distinction between “manly” and “girly” beverages is a classic example of male control.

It did not take me very long to realize that, in point of fact, there is no such thing as a manly drink. Not only because women have been drinking alcohol ever since it was discovered, but also because women have been the ones to produce and serve it ever since it was first introduced. I have always believed that the idea of a “girly” drink was something that arose in more recent times, perhaps around the time that items on cocktail menus such as strawberry daiquiris and appletinis were introduced. It has recently come to light that girly drinks have been around longer than paper money, longer than indoor toilets, and even longer than the printing press.

It was (and still is) all about control when we differentiated between “manly” drinks and “girly” drinks in the first place. Only men in positions of authority could purchase alcohol and get drunk without fear of being judged. Passum, a wine made from raisins that were weaker and sweeter than the wine that the Roman men drank, was offered to ancient Roman women (typically those from upper-class families), but they were only permitted a taste. And so the gendered drinks began. Despite beer’s reputation as a traditionally “masculine” beverage, the first beer was actually brewed by women all over the world.

Brewing was traditionally considered a feminine hobby, whether it was for the production of mead, sake, or beer. Long, long before the time of the myth of the wine-loving Dionysus, the first alcohol-ruling deities in the world were female. Ninkasi was a Sumerian goddess of beer who was honored by the brewing priestesses by singing hymns (which were essentially beer recipes set to song) and drinking beer in her honor. It was believed that her divine nature was embodied in the buzz one experienced after a few drinks. An enormous celebration known as the Drunkenness of Hathor was held in Egypt each year at the beginning of the flooding of the Nile River to pay homage to the goddess Hathor, who was believed to have been in charge of various aspects of human life, including drinking, women, and love.

Mallory O’Meara Phone Number
Popular As Mallory O’Meara
Occupation Writer
Age 17 Years Old
Zodiac Sign N/A
Born 15 August 2005
Birthday 15 August 2005
Town/City United States
Country United States
Nationality American

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Mallory O’Meara Fanmail Address

Mallory O’Meara,
United States

Mallory O’Meara’s Net Income

The actual income of growing continuously in 2023-24. So, how much is the income of Mallory O’Meara? What are Mallory O’Meara’s earnings per year, and how affluent is she at the age of Seventeen? We approximate Mallory O’Meara’s net income, cash, and worth as of 2023-24 given below:

MALLORY O’MEARA ESTIMATED NET INCOME: $1 Million – 5 Million Dollars

Mallory O’Meara is an admirable Star with a net income of $1 million – $5 million at the age of Seventeen. Mallory O’Meara’s source of money seems to be mostly from being such a famous Star. She’s from America.

Mallory O’Meara Personal Profile:

  • Name: Mallory O’Meara
  • Date of Birth: 15 August 2005
  • Age: 17 Years Old
  • Birth Sign: N/A
  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Place/City: United States
  • Boyfriend- N/A
  • Profession: Writer

Mallory O’Meara Contact Details

1. INSTAGRAM: @Mallory O’Meara



4. TWITTER: @Mallory O’Meara




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